Zildjian K EFX Cymbals

Experience the dark, expressive tones of Zildjian K EFX cymbals. These cymbals are renowned for their complex, dry sounds and are perfect for adding unique, cutting accents to your music. The K EFX series combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, offering a rich palette of sound colors ideal for genres like jazz, rock, and experimental music.

Cymbals available in this category:

8″ K Splash – A quick, splashy sound with a dark, short decay, perfect for fast, sharp accents.

10″ K Splash – Slightly fuller than the 8″, this splash delivers a dark, quick attack with a smooth decay.

12″ K Splash – Offering a more substantial splash with a deep, complex tone and quick response.

14″ K Mini China – A small but powerful China cymbal providing a sharp, trashy sound with fast decay.

19″ K China Boy – A larger China cymbal that offers a bold, trashy sound with an explosive attack and complex, dark overtones.

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