Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbals

Experience the bright, crisp sound of Zildjian A Custom Crash cymbals. Known for their quick, responsive tones and modern voice, these cymbals are perfect for a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, and fusion. The A Custom Crash series offers a versatile, articulate sound with a clean attack and shimmering sustain.

Cymbals available in this category:

14″ A Custom Crash – Delivers a fast, bright crash with a clean, musical response.

14″ A Custom Crash (Brilliant) – Features a brilliant finish for an even brighter, more shimmering sound.

15″ A Custom Crash – Offers a slightly fuller crash sound with a quick response and bright tone.

16″ A Custom Crash – Provides a balanced, versatile crash with a crisp attack and smooth sustain.

16″ A Custom Crash (Brilliant) – Adds extra brightness and shimmer with its brilliant finish.

17″ A Custom Crash – Delivers a fuller, richer crash sound with a bright, responsive tone.

17″ A Custom Crash (Dark) – Offers a darker, more complex crash sound while retaining the A Custom series’ brightness.

18″ A Custom Crash – Provides a powerful, full-bodied crash with a clear attack and shimmering sustain.

18″ A Custom China – Features a quick, explosive sound with a bright, trashy character.

19″ A Custom Crash – Delivers a large, bold crash sound with a bright, cutting tone.

20″ A Custom Crash – Offers the fullest, most powerful crash sound in the A Custom series with exceptional clarity and sustain.

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